FAQ: Newborn

Where are newborn sessions done?

Newborn sessions are done only in my home studio in Trabuco Canyon, CA (Oso Parkway exit off the 5 or 241). My setup is not mobile due to various backdrops and floors. The advantage here is that everything is prepped in advance of your arrival, you don't have to worry about having a spot in your home where I could set up, and you don't have to wait for me to set everything up and then take it down at the end.

How long do newborn sessions take?

You should expect your newborn session to take around 3 hours. This may sound like a long time, but I promise when you are here for your session, it suddenly makes sense. Time is spent soothing baby, feeding baby, often multiple times, and posing baby to perfection. We absolutely will go as quickly as possible, it's all about what baby needs.

Do you include shots with parents?

I do! This is actually a really important part of the session, as baby will never again be that tiny in mom and dad's arms. Parent shots are done as the last part of the session, and generally take only 15 minutes to complete.

How many setups do you do?

I currently do 2 bean bag setups, 1-2 prop setups, and then parent shots. A bean bag setup is where baby is just on a backdrop, they are actually being supported by a giant bean bag. A prop setup is where baby is in a bucket, bowl, crate, or other similar item.

How many proofs can I expect?

Newborn sessions can expect a minimum of 20-25 proofs. For more information on what proofs are and why that many, please check out the main FAQ.

Can you do the shot with baby hanging from a branch?

Baby's safety is the number one priority at all times. As such, I do not do any shots that I feel could jeopardize baby's safety, including baby hanging from branch. These shots are composites, which means baby is never actually hanging from a branch but rather 2 images are put together, or composited, in Photoshop later, but it is still outside of my comfort zone when it comes to safety.

I have a Pinterest board full of poses I want. Can you do those?

You are more than welcome to share with me particular poses or setups that you would like, but as stated above, I will not do any poses that jeopardize baby's safety or that I am uncomfortable doing. Another very important factor is that baby will dictate what pose he or she will take. Not all babies take all poses. In particular, babies who spent any portion of their time in the womb in a breach position often lack the flexibility required for many poses. We will make our best effort to get particular setups that you want, but know that we will get beautiful images of your baby even if we don't get the particular ones that had been in mind.

Do you have outfits for the baby?

I do! I have a large collection of outfits, hats, tiebacks (headbands), and even a crown. These are items made exclusively for newborn portraiture, and are not items that the average consumer would find or purchase. They are intricate and delicate, and will enhance your session.

Can I bring my own outfits/props for baby?

If you have an heirloom item or other item of high significance, please bring it by all means. I would also appreciate advance notice of this, and if possible, a photo of it to help me design your session. Part of the reason you choose to hire me is because of my style, and trust in me to design a session consistent with my portfolio. All the newborn outfits that I purchase for my studio are in line with this style. Because of that, I discourage bringing additional outfits for baby to your session.

Can I see your backdrops?

Each session has its individual style, and I do choose backdrops that work with the color scheme requested during our pre-consultation. With that said, here is a glimpse at some of my newborn backdrop selections. Please note that this out of date, as I acquire new backdrops frequently, but should give a good idea of the choices. Please click on a thumbnail to view the full size.

Can I see your props for the prop setup?

I have an ever-growing collection of props, and right now I don't have a system for cataloging them in a way that I could share in advance of your session. We will choose a prop to use when you are here, and I will have suggestions on which ones I feel would work best for your session.