FAQ: Sessions

What does a session include?

All sessions include an individualized pre-consultation, the shoot itself, and an in-person viewing and ordering appointment of your proofs, including personalized display design for your home.

Do I get all images on disc?

My sessions work via your choice of 2 models: packages or a-la-carte. Packages include the session itself, at least 1 large display piece, and all digital files delivered via digital download, for one all-inclusive price. A-la-carte options require a session fee for time/talent of photographer only, and any prints or digitals are purchased separately.

So...do I get all images on disc?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, yes if you choose a package or elect to purchase them a-la-carte.

How do I receive my digital images?

Digital images, if purchased (see above), are always delivered via digital download, as this is faster for you than waiting for a disc, you don't have to pay sales tax on these as there is no physical product (yes, a disc of digitals counts as a physical product as far as the IRS is concerned), and new computers these days are not being manufactured with disc drives anymore.

What is a proof? Is it the same thing as a digital image?

A proof is what you will be presented with at your viewing and ordering appointment. It may or may not be the absolute final edit. The purpose of a proof is to choose which images you would like to purchase from your session. A digital image is the final edit that will be delivered to you if you purchased digitals. A proof is not a download or the right to a download.

How many proofs do I get?

Portrait sessions can expect 25-30 proofs and newborn sessions can expect 20-25 proofs.

Why are there so few proofs? Didn't you take hundreds?

I try hard not to take an excessive amount of photos during your session, and often the extra shots are to ensure absolute focus, capturing fleeting expressions, ensuring I have at least 1 image of each person in a group shot looking at me in case I need to merge some photos together in post-processing. The proofs you are presented with from your session represent the absolute best from your session, and strive to be entirely unique photos from one to the next. It can be overwhelming to be presented with hundreds of similar photos - think back to the last time you may have taken your camera out and taken hundreds of photos of one situation. Isn't it impossible to narrow down what the best were? Doesn't it stress you out to try to do that? This is why I aim to shoot as close as possible to just what will be presented as proofs.

Can I have every photo, even if they are unedited?

You can have every photo (as a proof) that is part of the absolute best from your session. I do not limit myself to just the amount of proofs that were guaranteed if there are more than that which beg to be edited. Photos with missed focus, eyes closed, strange faces, extremely similar shots, unflattering poses or light, are not included and are deleted forever. These are not photos that will add anything to your gallery anyway, so please do not be concerned.

Can I have the RAW files?

I do not, under any circumstance, give out my RAW files. RAW files are my starting my point, and my post-processing results in your final images. Part of why you hire me is for the artistic style that goes into post-processing. A good analogy is a restaurant: you start with basic ingredients (RAW files), the chef (me) works his magic, and your final dish (final images) is created. It wouldn't make sense to ask a chef for his ingredients. They are just one piece of the puzzle.