Orange County Baby Photographer

Your baby changes so much during that first year. They go from fresh newborn, to a bigger squishy baby holding their head up, to sitting up, to standing and maybe even walking, and celebrating their first birthday. These are the milestones of their first year, and they are all important achievements in your baby's young life.

When you join my Grow With Me plan, we capture the following essential stages:

  • 4 months: tummy time holding head up
  • 8 months: sitting up unsupported
  • 12 months: standing/walking, including cake smash

Newborn clients can save by joining the Grow With Me plan at the time of their newborn session!

Every milestone session includes:

  • 2 setups on your choice of backdrops from my amazing collection of over 50 fun, colorful backdrops, and your choice of flooring to pair
  • 1 setup on a neutral backdrop, which we will repeat at every session for consistency and showing growth

I love watching my clients grow from newborns into toddlers. It is one of my biggest joys!

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